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Cute, yet Evil
RosaleenDhu Designs
So after my last post, I realized that I could plan better if I plugged things to the website as I thought of them.

And then I realized that I needed to go start a new kickstarter page. It's incredibly easy to do, for those who are wondering. You just go click on "create" and boom. I had my financial stuff and my social media stuff already plugged in from last time, so that part's done.

I also tossed out rough drafts of the rewards that I know I want to offer. Right now, that's $1 shout-outs, $35 short scarves, $50 cthulhus and $100 zombies. All those prices include domestic shipping. I know I want to offer a "customize it anyway you want" scarf, but I'm not sure how much to charge for that.

So what do I have left to do? A LOT. The video, a picture, the whole story section, the risks section, all the descriptions on the rewards, product shots, figure out a mid-price reward....

And now I'm tempted to have stretch goals that involve making rubber stamps. It's totally related in my mind, but my mind is an odd place. I don't know that other people would agree.
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*brushes the dust off the journal*

Hallo there!

I've decided that it would be fun to blog about my progress on creating my second kickstarter. Well, okay, maybe not fun, but it would certainly help me stay focused.

Right now, I'm in the prototype phase with my newest critter designs, so I can't pin down everything. However, I can start working on the goals of my kickstarter. My first kickstarter had a pretty modest base goal. I wanted to set up an account with a wholesale supplier that had a pretty high first order requirement. $300 easily covered the order, the rest of the supplies for scarves, shipping and fees. I had a TON of stretch goals, though. And some of those were pretty awesome.

My new kickstarter will revolve around launching the new scarf designs. It will have another low base goal, though maybe not that low. There are a lot of things I want to put into the stretch goals.

-Custom reusable shopping bags
-More minky colors
-Other things I've just forgotten

And I need to figure out what my lower level backer rewards will be. I'll do a kickstarter exclusive button for $5 because that was fun, but I want something at about $10 again. I've just started playing with bookbinding, so that might be it. Or I might poke at the soap again. I just don't know yet!

Oh, and the video will definitely involve more scarf theater. :)

So what do you guys like to see in a kickstarter?

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Regretsy is ending. It'll still be there in archive form to go back and look, but no new posts. Saaaaaaaad!

Why am I sad? Because it means that they'll never realize how ridiculous some of my stuff is and post it.

...although the fact that I know certain things are ridiculous might be why they've never picked up on them. They do love sharing links to the ones that are less self-aware...

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I had a lovely time at Further Confusion this weekend, and I realized I've been asked a few times about the differences between Furry cons and Anime cons. I thought I'd point out a few of the major differences I've noticed.

Wow, this got longCollapse )

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I just mailed my 200th etsy sale! I didn't even realize I was close! I noticed because I was relisting the sold item. Man. I guess I've really stopped obsessing about my Etsy numbers.

Business crafting is slightly on hold due to the fact that I need to settle into the Fall Semester. There are no finals this year and one class actually finishes in mid-November. Oh, AND THEN I HAVE MY DEGREE.

For those who are wondering, the job market is looking pretty awful in my field, so I'll probably continue the business for a quite a while.
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Anime Expo is in about a week and a half. I have 106 scarves to finish making. Plus soap. Plus butterfly ear pieces. Plus t-shirts. Ack!

The vast majority of the scarves at at the hand sewing stage, but the best sellers aren't even cut out yet. There are some specialty ones in this round: some airbrushed bunnies and kitties, a couple poptart cats. I don't think I'll get to make another zombie cat for AX, which is a shame, 'cuz they're fun.

For soap, I've got another 10 new scents I want to add in to the product line. New soaps will include Yaoi soap and the rest of the Saiyuki set. I've also got lotion plans. The lotion goes fast, but I need to get those labels designed from scratch. Any requests on lotion scents? Let me know. Butler is a definite yes, but other than that, I haven't decided yet.

Butterfly earpieces aren't even started, other than the few leftovers I have from Fanime. Fortunately, they go fast. I can work on them in the evenings when my fingers are half-dead from sewing.

T-shirts! I've finally got the zombies for literacy design done. I'm pretty pleased with it, and I already printed the initial run. I'm considering doing a few more in the most popular sizes. Then I need to make more of the other designs in whatever sizes I'm sold out of. Mostly mediums and larges I think. And while I'm thinking about it, I should probably make the t-shirt sayings into buttons. I was asked about that a lot at Fanime.

As a side note, I've always said that I'm doing all this to pay for graduate school. I just sent in what should be my last tuition payment (there might be a surprise tuition increase, stupid state funding). Fall will be my last semester. Will I get a real job after that? I don't know. I mean, eventually, sure, but I hear about so many libraries losing funding, closing, having hiring freezes that I'm not all that optomistic about getting a job right away. I will absolutely keep doing Anime Conventions as long as my schedule allows.

If you aren't already, follow me on twitter!
Also, like me on facebook!

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Hello, lovely readers! I have decided to do a small product expiriment for Fanime. I am going to do one batch of lotion to sell. One batch! That means one scent! I would very much like opinions on what one scent I should do.

My top choices are:
-Gunman's Weakness (Cinnamon donuts)
-Stupid Monkey (Banana & tropical fruits)
-Butler (Black tea, lotion will NOT be black like the soap!)
-Descent into Madness (Absinthe)

Just drop a comment to tell me which you would prefer!

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In the next two weeks, I need to complete two final projects. That means I will be looking for all sorts of excuses to do other things. One of those other things will be a blog post. Any topic requests?

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Kimono update: Not there yet, but selling three bars of soap will get me there!

On the advice of a lovely friend, I finally figured out how to make up a facebook page for my business. You can find it here. Please like me! (Last time I was so obsessed with being liked, I was in middle school.)

Anyway, now that I have the facebook page, I'm trying to figure out how to best use it. Therefore, I have some questions for you lovely readers.

-How many times a day can I post before I'm posting too many times?

-Do you want me to only post about myself and my business, or do you want to see links to things I think are cool? (Things like other etsy sellers and artists, mostly...)

-Do you want to hear about crafting or just see pics of finished stuff?

I'm sure I'll want more opinions shortly, but that covers the big questions for now!

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Now, I set business-related goals all the time. The big goals are things like "prep 100 scarves by the next convention" or "take inventory." The small ones usually run along the lines of "stop playing Frontierville long enough to finish a custom order" or "go shopping for supplies and only buy those supplies."

These sorts of goals are completely under my control. Goals like "hit 100 etsy sales" or "earn tuition this convention" are not under my control. They're important business goals, but they ultimately are up to my lovely customers. I can advertize and promote my little heart out, but the final sales are not under my control.

Right now I have a goal of the second kind. This goal is "have enough in my paypal account to buy a kimono and obi." I am one scarf sale away, and the weather is warming up. I'd also be happy to sell 2 t-shirts of 6 bars or soap. I'm really not picky about what I sell as long as it gets me the total I need.

And no, I'm not linking you all to the kimono and obi I want. There's only one of each. I get to buy them, not you. XP (Also, the fact that there's only one of each is just making me all the more fidgetty about getting enough money already!)

Aside from shameless begging, can anyone suggest a way to give my sales that necessary kick?

Oh, and speaking of soap! There are now 9 different kinds of soap in my etsy shop, and I've got two more photographed, and another cooling right now. New since Anime Conji, I've got Your Father Soap (elderberry). Wild Summer (watermelon) and Bent Water (mint) are coming as soon as I figure out the labels. Shinigami's Lunch (apple) is setting up right now.

I will probably do another Bent Element this afternoon, but I might do Gunman's Weakness instead. I'm stalling on the Hetalia-inspired ones because I want a particular mold.

Anyway, to see the soap, check out my etsy shop.

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